Dyllan,mike and butt
Dyllan and Mike

yo this mike and dyllan and were the best riders in d clif collindale falcroft and sharon hill yea so if u think ur better then c me and mike and the ppl i ride with
dyllan i do street im not that bad havent done it in a while me i also do dirt im good as shit at that i can do 1 footers no footers and shit but i dont jusp dubbles only table tops
mike he does only dirt but he is grate he does 1 footers pumps and stuff but he will jump anything that he wonts to do
steve damm he is a fuckin nut he will do anything we say to do and hell jump some big gaps
kev kev ust to b good but he stoped 4 a while but he dont jump that much he just messes around he is out carmara man so we had to but him in
josh he is garte he is my street partner he can do some big shit but i dont relly ride with him that much
dampman and tom ur r some fuckin butt buddies ur not good ill kill use both in dirt and street
were lookin for ppl who will ride with us cuz it gets boring after a while

Other Places to go:

little devel
haro the bike

Email: mike and dyllan

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