Dieting Tips

Drink @ least 8 cups of water per day - add an extra cup for every 25 extra lbs of fat your lugging around.
Take a morning walk.
Spend @ least 30 minutes each day doing strength training - remember muscle burns more calories than fat!!
Eat 5 or 6 small meals a day so your metabolism doesn't slow down while your dieting- you will be eating so often your body will not know your not taking in enough calories.
If you get an urge to cheat - drink a cup of water and go for a 20 minute walk - this should give your brain enough time to realize you don't need that doughnut!
Stay positive- if you end up binging on that gallon of rocky road icecream, don't give up and eat everything in site because you figure since you failed, you just as well be a blob forever-Go ahead and get back on track - don't say "I'll start again tomorrow"-cause you won't.

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