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Proposed HTML Standard Icons
Although not a really a standard, these icons have been proposed as a standard to the W3C.

Icons are in gif format. Right-click on an icon to "Save Picture As..."

archive audio binary binary document binhex binhex document compressed compressed document sound1 sound2 text document uuencoded uuencoded document a alert black alert red calculator caution clock disk drive diskette display document

fax filing cabinet generic movie text unknown unknown document camera film fixed disk folder folder open folder2 form forward ftp glossary gopher home image1 image2 image3

index index2 mail mail in mail out map mouse next notebook parent previous printer summary transfer back burst cd i cd rom comp_blue comp_gray html keyboard network
new play-fast-forward play-fast-reverse play-pause play-start play-stop sadsmiley smiley stop telephone telnet tn3270 toc trash work work2 www w3c

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